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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

One week left and we are producing!!!

 Working on It 
Boarded funding is almost at an end. There is only one week left, so please help spread the word! The project is an ongoing exploration on the subject of redesigning artistic spaces across urban landscapes. 

Check it out

Saturday, January 14, 2012

ticherts & BOARDED

100% Funded means its a sure go. Hooray!!! Thanks for all the support, but continue sharing! The project aims to become viral and I hope we can make it popular via web sharing. Email, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, all of it. 

You want it, you got it! Limited Edition TICHERTS are now available via Kickstarter
Check 'em out here. -->


Gray Dots, VNeck
B&W Dots, VNeck

Monday, January 2, 2012

The Landscape Dictates the Artwork

When you donate $250 we will make you a 16"x16" resin on wood painting like one of these! 

Resin On Wood Painting

Resin on Wood Painting

Blue Vees on Oak
Resin on Wood Painting

Boarded Budget and Techincal Information

Below a budget layout for the Boarded Project. The costs are based on one (1) single location, and the goal is to receive funds for two (2) or hopefully more.

Technical Information

  • Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing funding platform, so we can always raise more than the pledged amount of $2,345.00 nothing less.
  • Amazon marketplace is the website's payment partner, and because of this reason the pledged amount includes the 5% that they will deduct from the funding goal. 
  • The idea is to create a template for a worldwide project, making Boarded and international intervention.

Prints Available

Here are some of the prints you can choose from when pledging $20 or more. 

Raindots Black and White

Raindots Cyan and Yellow

Raindots Cyan and Yellow

We can always make custom two color prints of your choice as well!

 Wood Grain Black and White

Wood Grain Cyan and Orange

Wood Grain Eggplant and Cyan

Yellow on Royal Vees

Indigo on Yellow Vees

Blue on Orange Vees

Just sendus RGB number or Pantone number to with your information and choice of print and we will customize it for free!

Boarded Project

Hey everyone! We've been MIA from M.I.A. Projects because we've been so busy planning this AWESOME initiative! Below is some of the information that will help you understand the ethos and agenda behind this intervention project titled BOARDED. To help fund this project please visit





More Boarded locations ready to be worked on! All we need is you! Visit to back us up!